Our long-term vision is to create a healing and educational centre in the Sacred Valley of Peru with a partner centre created in Vancouver, BC thus connecting the land of the Eagle and the Condor (the Yanantin-Masintin of our two continents).

This centre will be an integrated space of health, wellness and spiritual regeneration where one can harmonize the three energetic bodies of mind, body and soul (the serpent, puma and condor as shared through the Andean Wisdom Teachings).

The programs that we will offer at the centres will be energetically supported by the structures themselves including short and long-term retreat cabanas for individual and group work as well as ceremonial temples and healing circles based on the principles of sacred geometry.   These centres will be a sacred space to connect more deeply with “who you are” and “what you want” in your life, your community, your world.

The creation and evolution of the centres will be based on holistic teachings and an Indigenous world-view and will be grounded in a deep connection to Pachamama (Mother Earth) and in the honouring of the next seven generations.

The land will be respected and lovingly cared for through ceremonies and a following of protocol guided by our Elders. We will create a beautiful, nurturing and powerful space to gather in community and to deepen our connection to ourselves and one another. 

There will be organically grown food on-site as well as a medicinal garden and we will actively engage in community projects that support the empowerment of youth and children.  We will model a healthy and vibrant community that is inter-connected both locally and globally.

We look forward to co-creating this vision with others and welcome partners to begin this dream together.